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Enigma2 channel and satellite list editor.


License: MIT platform

Enigma2 channel and satellite list editor for GNU/Linux.

Experimental support of Neutrino-MP or others on the same basis (BPanther, etc).
Focused on the convenience of working in lists from the keyboard. The mouse is also fully supported (Drag and Drop etc).

Main features of the program

Keyboard shortcuts

For multiple selection with the mouse, press and hold the Ctrl key!

Minimum requirements

Python >= 3.5.2, GTK+ >= 3.22, python3-gi, python3-gi-cairo, python3-requests.

Optional: python3-pil, python3-chardet.

Installation and Launch

To create a simple debian package, you can use the You can also download a ready-made *.deb package from the releases page.
Users of LTS versions of Ubuntu or distributions based on them can use PPA repository.
A ready-made package is also available for Arch Linux users in the AUR repository.


The program is tested only with openATV image and Formuler F1 receiver in Linux Mint (MATE 64-bit) distribution!

Terrestrial(DVB-T/T2) and cable(DVB-C) channels are only supported for Enigma2.
Main supported lamedb format is version 4. Versions 3 and 5 has only experimental support! For version 3 is only read mode available. When saving, version 4 format is used instead.

When using the multiple import feature, from lamedb will be taken data only for channels that are in the selected bouquets! If you need full set of the data, including [satellites, terrestrial, cables].xml (current files will be overwritten), just load your data via “File/Open” and press “Save”. When importing separate bouquet files, only those services (excluding IPTV) that are in the current open lamedb (main list of services) will be imported.

For streams playback, this app supports VLC, MPV and GStreamer. Depending on your distro, you may need to install additional packages and libraries.

Command line arguments:


Licensed under the MIT license.